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Car Coasters - NEW -restock


Car Coasters - NEW -restock 999999775

What an adorable way to add some personality to your vehicle! These sandstone coasters sit perfectly in your vehicle's cup holder and absorb condensation from your drinks! They are the perfect accessory for your car.

* Come as a set of 2
* Made of Sandstone
* Measure 2.56 inches x .30 inches
* They are round with a divot for easy removal

* Fits most vehicles

C$22 In stock
Pattern Succulent Be Wild - Black (0) Pink Truck with Carousal Horse (0) Born To Roam (0) Black and White Stripe Cactus (0) Hard to Handle (0) Full Cactus and Succulents (0) Mexico Gypsy (0) Succulent Be Wild - White (0) Neon Cactus - Big (0) Neon Cactus - Small (0) Always on Point (0) Wild and Free (0) Multi Small Cactus (0)

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