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Scented Car Air Freshener -various prints, scents and styles


Scented Car Air Freshener -various prints, scents and styles 999999782

A highly scented air freshener. (Bead and tassel color will vary)

Size 3 1/4 by 2 5/8

Printed on both sides


Santas Workshop - Fresh spruce boughs wrapped in cinnimon and cloves with a touch of tart orange peel

Drunkin Pumpkin (Seasonal Scent) - A rich pumpkin scent blended with nutmeg, cinnamon, creamy caramel and toasted vanilla.

Pixie Dust - An exhilarating blend of raspberry lychee sorbet, sun kissed magnolia and vanilla sandalwood.

Puker Up - A refreshing blend of watermelon and freshly squeezed lemons

Tropical Oasis - A green floral bouquet reminiscent of coconut and fruity notes with a sweet musky background.

Strawberry Wine - A blend of Apple, Peach and Strawberry with a hint of Vanilla

Cactus Blossom - The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sun kissed coconut.

Butt Naked - A tropical saucy blend of melons, strawberry, pears and fresh green apples

C$14 In stock
Pattern Cactus and Succulent - Pucker Up (0) Vintage Truck with Carousal Horse - Pucker Up (14) Gypsy Soul - Pixie Dust (14) Neon and Red Cactus - Pucker Up (0) Hard to Handle - Drunkin Pumpkin (0) Hard to Handle - Pixie Dust (0) Gypsy Soul - Drunkin Pumpkin (0) Born To Roam - Tropical Oasis (0) Southwest Free Bird - Tropical Oasis (0) Red and Yellow Aztec - Pucker Up (0) Cactus - Butt Naked (0) Cactus - Cactus Blossom (0) Buffalo Plaid Deer - Santas Workshop (0) Buffalo Plaid Deer - Drunkin Pumpkin (0) Neon and Red Cactus - Tropical Oasis (0) Neon and Red Cactus - Butt Naked (0) Cactus and Succulent - Tropical Oasis (0) Cactus and Succulent - Strawberry Wine (0)

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